Portrait Experience at Talliston

Your opportunity to have a unique portrait experience in the enchanting world of Talliston.

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Talliston was once an ordinary house in an ordinary street, but during the past twenty-plus years has been transformed into an extraordinary doorway to thirteen unique destinations, each a different time and place. Enter the Jazz Age in the New Orleans "Voodoo Kitchen". Sit in the Cambodian treetops of the bamboo "Treehouse Sanctuary". Or experience the medieval "Watchtower"; now inhabited by Victorian gentry. Each room is exceptionally detailed, and whether you choose contemporary or costume, your final portrait will be truly astonishing.

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Your experience

Your visit starts with a tour of the thirteen rooms, visiting each area in turn before you choose your favourite for the location of your portrait.

We will then have plenty of time for shooting in the room to capture the perfect portrait, followed by taking time to review the images.

Finally, your chosen image will undergo rigorous post-production work, bringing out every nuance of the environment for a truly unique final product.

After your experience

After the shoot you will receive:

  • access to a personal, online gallery of the shots taken at session
  • a high resolution, finished image and 12x8 framed print
  • a DVD of all the images taken (usually around 50)
Portrait Experience Price Discount
Exclusive use (1 person or couple/1 photo) £300 - - -
2 people £600 £500 £100 off!
3 people £900 £700 £200 off!
4 people £1200 £900 £300 off!